Roadtrip Safety Essentials For Your Trunk

When you’re going on the road for any road trip september, you’ll want to make sure you are prepared for the summertime temperatures and then for any possible emergencies. Here’s a quick set of essential stuff you should have within your trunk prior to going.


Yes, it’s summer, however it still gets dark in the evening. Flashlights are an important item to have with your trunk you may be on a roadtrip or otherwise not. Nowadays, the top flashlights use LED’s, that happen to be smaller and brighter, excellent for keeping with your trunk for virtually any roadway emergencies. Also consider getting a solar powered or hand crank powered flashlight. Solar powered is ideal for summer and there is more light hours throughout the day in order to charge the sunshine up. Hand crank power is wonderful should you get stuck during the night and have no batteries to your lights.


Your first essential item is food and water. Buy some jugs of water, as an alternative to small water bottles. A jug are going to be easier to store as part of your trunk and in addition be much easier to use in the event you need to pour water using a fire or use water for ones car. You can also drink out from the jug as required or fill your smaller water bottles by using it. For food, rather than snack foods that could get crushed, grab certain cases of protein bars if they’re on sale. Protein bars will probably be individually wrapped and also if they get crushed, is still edible. Protein bars also are able to take the temperature, if you do not go for chocolate covered bars.

Emergency and Repair Supplies

For if you’ve found yourself stuck on the streets and stop working, having essential emergency and repair supplies will be handy. Make sure you have stuff like a jack, jumper cables, flabby gut, shovel, flares, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, blanket, tarp, road flares, duct tape and knife.

Electronics Essentials

Having a cellular phone can be a life saver in most situations, in case your charge ends and your car battery dies, it isn’t really of much use. Make sure to keep a power bank handy. There are even solar powered power banks available. Also make sure to possess a regular battery powered radio. A solar or battery powered fan would can be found in handy if your air conditioning step out at some point.

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